Goodbye My Love (Il Silenzio)

Goodbye My Love (Il Silenzio)
V. Lee/G. Brezza/C.Rosso

Goodbye my love
Oh my love this is goodbye
This is goodbye
The night is cold and dark and still
Upon a hill
The stars have faded from the sky
I want to cry I want to die

Goodbye to memories and dreams of yesterday
Time’s running out and we’ve both so much to say

No more tomorrows there’ll be
Only my heartache and me
Goodbye dearest heart
Soon we must part, goodbye

Tonight we say goodbye my love and this is now the end for me.
Please, oh please kiss me once before you go.
And then, and then you can walk away from me. Goodbye, goodbye my love.

Somewhere the church bells are ringing soft and low
Telling me gently that soon you’ll have to go

Goodbye dearest heart
Now we must part


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