Victor Ellul (38 years) London

My mother being Spanish bornn in Tangiers was a great fan of Dalida. I grew up listening to her records all of the time. I still listen to her beautiful voice and can't beleive my good fortune in discovering some great DVDs and videos of the great lady! My friends here in England are also crazy about her and always ask me to play the DVDs when they come over. My only regret is that I like so many others, never had the opportunity to see Dalida live on stage.

Pascal Bernier (38 years) Brighton

Dalida represents Beauty, natural elegance and chic, professionalism, purity, sincerity and honesty of the heart, to sing and dance remarkably, a way of life and a philosophy. Listening to her songs gives me a lot of cheer, warmth and vibrancy. Some of her remixed songs are even played in the Brighton gay-friendly and trendy bars and pubs. She unites all people from every nation. She is universal that is why she touched so many souls. I have even learned German and a little Italian and Spanish by listening to her foreign recordings. Long Live Dalida.

Tom Aldridge Bury - Village UK

Our song in 1961 was "Parlez moi d'amour". Twill ever remain thus e'en tho' my wife has joined Dalida in what must be heaven!!

David Vera (31 years) London

Am French living in Uk and Dalida was and still is for me a great artist with Je ne sais quoi who makes her so unique. I was so shocked the day she died but I respect her act and I wish she is having a better life out there along the anges... send you my Love and thank you orlando to keep her alive! David from London.

Jones Andrew (38 years) London

came accross Dalida about 2 years ago after being introduced by a French friend and I fell in love immediately. Something about her life, her beauty, talent and her tragedy touched my soul and continues to do so to this day. Such a terrible shame but a wonderful legacy

Denis Lownds (65 years)

I was only introduced to Dalida this year by a CD from a friend in the USA, what does she mean to me, the moment I played the CD I was captured by her voice, I don't know French, but it is not important, because Dalida like Edith Piaf sings from the heart, and you feel all the emotions of life, love, sorrows, wonderful Dalida, if only she were alive now, and then she would see how loved she is.


Me and my brother live in the uk and are big Dalida fans. She is truly unique. Too bad we will never be able to see her perform live. Our favourite song is Gigi Paradiso.

Steve (30 years)

I have just fallen under the spell of this remarkable woman. I was recently in Paris and went and paid my respects to Dalida at her resting place and I thanked her for being so unique and special. Her voice simply touches me. The way she sings 'Je Suis Malade' makes my heart ache. I've also just bought the DVD of her various TV performances and I am so sad that I will never witness one of them for myself. What a star this woman is and one that will shine forever.

Salvatore Boemi (45 years)

Tohear her sing it is like the sun is shining.she is a wonderfull artist .I will never forget her live shows in paris.never an artist gave me so greit emotions. I do miss you a lot. You were aperfect artist you made me laugh;and were a perfect love;i will never forget

Thierry Granus (37 years)

In 1979, at the age of 14, I bought my first Dalida vinyl record 45 EP in Reunion Island where I lived with my parents. I will soon be 37 and am still a fan of the Great Lady. The lyrics of her songs often reflect moments of my adult life... She will always stay my Idol amid my favourite popular singers. For me she is : The voice, look, beauty, emotion, regrets, tears, heartache, grief, joy, true love, true life, reality, irreplaceable, unforgettable, eternity...

Mac Castro (28 years)

I suppose being a Petula Clark fan, I'd heard the name Dalida a few times; especially as she's expressed such an admiration for her. So, I decided to find out who this woman was. It was earlier this Paris that I came across the cd 'The Queen' and the DVD 'Passionnement'. I decided to buy them...give it a go. I'm not quite sure what happened the moment I heard her voice. One of the most incredible voices I have ever heard. I was hooked and now I have the great adventure at finding different songs, learning about her life. It hasn't been the easiest couple of months, but her music has kinda been there and I'm so incredibly glad that we 'met'. Rather late.

Stephen Rowland (46 years) - Leeds/UK

I am big fab Of Timi Yuro But now i'm big of the both of them (Dalida & Yuro) I frst heard Dalida round about 1999 in a gay hotel i was staying at in Amsterdam. The barman was playing the cd L'AN 2005 and the song Femme (Smile) came on and knowing Yuro did the song in 1962 it sounded fab. I tryed to the cd in Amsterdam but could not so the barman but it on tape for me to take back to Leeds UK. Thats was thats for 2 or 3 years just this tape untill friends went to Paris for weekend and came back with the cd for me. They started telling me all about the cd's they had seen and videos. Then i started looking for stuff on Ebay and my god now have 100 45's single and EP's and still going up 20 cd's 1 DVD box set and 4 10inch Lp's Soon i'm off Paris to where she lived. It's just ashame she did not come to uk or was on the Uk TV or did she ????? Not many peole know of her here in the uk, and record shop like HMV have never heard of her unless u shop in the BIG HMV shop in london. How when i'm in Europe i look for her stuff at 2rd hand markets etc, but trying to fine stuff she did in english it's like trying find gold.I have told lots of friends all about her My tops 5 songs are Pepe, J'attendrai,Gigi L'amoroso (i do have this song in english too)Amore scusami, Italian Restaurant

Herve Naudet (34 years)

Dalida is sunday morning and you still fills many peoples's heart with your songs! be bless, your star still shine with fervour and passion in our soul. beautiful bird with a golden voice. always in our memories.

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