Kahale Camilio (19 ans) Beirut

j'ai une très grande passion pour Dalida, c'est mon idol, mon ideale. par curiosité j'ai fait sa connaissance, la connaissance de cette magnifique icone de la musique. en tant que chanteur, je rève d'avoir les chances et la vie de Dalida. j'aimerai vivre les memes circonstances et les memes moments. je reve aussi d'etre l'image nouvelle de Dalida, renouvler ses chansons, refaire les shows dancants, rappeler le monde entier de cette ecole de musique et de danse.

Marz Jad (29 ans) Beirut

Ma tres chere Dali. Les annees passent et vous resterez toujours, a jamais ma consolatrice, mon idole, ma star preferee. Fidelement.

Maha Rahal (24 ans) Ashrafieh

la 2annik kente l asda2 b tjsid l mache3er l bacharyeh b sawtik aghaniki w ade2ik; la 2annik btkhallina n7ess 3awatif mkhabbeye fina w la2anne bchouf enno ma3ik kholset l eyyem lli ken fia l te3bir 3an kell 7awess l ensen w mache3ro r2i2 w sade2; ana b7ebbik. ente khtasarte l7ayet b aghanike w 7ayetik ba3da mkamele b kil chakhess b7ebb

Amine Jabbour (17.5mois)

ya dali ente nejme ou aktar men nejme,ma fiye habberlik han hobbe ou adde ana bhebbik:Je m'appelle Amine Jabbour du Liban ou ana behtekid enno dali ma betmout lakanna law ma kenit mawjoude mahna,hiye bi albna.Dalida khelket le 17 janvier 1933,ou ana khleket le 17 janvier 1990!Yimkin hayda el shi bi khalline hebba bahd aktar!Bisous!Dali la legende eternelle!Amine Jabbour Ashrafieh

Josephine Azizi (25 ans) Zgharta

dear dali, you left us so early...couldn'y wait few more years just to give us the chance to meet you... but in all cases you're always alive in our hearts and souls..and you'll always be...for eternity.. we love you...you're the most wonderful DIVA ever
please guys... why we do not make some group for us Dalida's lovers in lebanon?
يا داليدا استعجلتي علينا بالفله...يا ريت بس لو صبرتي علينا كم سنه عالقليله حتى يكون النا فرصه لقائك
بكل الاحوال انت دايما عايشه فينا..بقلوبنا و بروحنا...لآخر العمر...منحبك يا احلى نجمه بالعالم
يا ريت يا شباب و صبايا يكون في نادي معحبين رسمي لداليدا ب لبنان

Karim El Sabeh (42 ans)

please ya shabeb, iza fi 7ada b lbnen, 3ando aya event aw aya shi byet3ala2 b dalida please e-mail me Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. ana hawass fiha la darajeh samamet bayti min wa7i dalida 7ata 24/24 sawt dlida 3andi bil beit, dalida ghanayti lbnen wa al lebnaneh ma byinsouki,min salilik.02-05-1987 ba3rif ma kinti t7ebi tnemi bil 3atmeh, 7obna 2elik nour 3am ye2wa senni wara senni.inti ma3na. love u dalida

Zouk Mikael

sa personalité sa voix sa façon de chanter , de s'éxprimer ses chansons sa musique ses paroles sa franchise son être sa façon d'exister ses diférentes personalités (dalida du disco dali du twist dali des chansons d'amour de 18 ans de bruxelles ...) font de Dali cette Dali qu'on aime et qui restera de génération en génération dans nos coeur Salameh Samer

Elio Mouhanna (17 ans) Beyrouth

An amazing star who has done a lot of encouragements and efforts to inspire her fans! Dalida is my idol, and she is always in my heart. Her voice is so pure and majestic, that whenever I'm depressed sometimes, she cheers me up. Her songs have a lot of meanings towards the kind of mood I'm in. Even though she left us more than 20 years, she has created a whole new world of music that can still be used in the new modern world. Dalida will never be forgotten to anyone in France, and especially to her fans here in Lebanon.

Abed Al Rahman Naamani (22 ans)

I don't know what to say , Dalida is a living Legend , Dalida is still alive in our hearts , still alive in her songs , she gives us hope , we ill never forget u , I was born after your death but since i used to listen to ur songs when i was a child they were remarkable , u didn't die .. u inspire me , I hope one to make a tribute for u in my own way.

Boudi Mohtadi (23 ans)

It all started when I was abroad to continue my education. My roommate had "Helwa Ya Baladi" as an mp3 file on his pc I used to listen to this song when I feel that i wanna go back to my place, my parents, my love. Well I couldn't stay abroad I left everything and came back. Here i started researching about Dali I found that I was born on the same day she was born that made me love her more I used to listen to songs of the Les annees Barclay with her great voice and listen to her 70s and 80s songs without knowing that the two different voices are for the same lady. Then i was like stunned because how could a lady who sings Itsi bitsi sings Je suis malade it was really fantastic I even adore the solitude in her eyes She was and still the best ever now i know almost all of her songs by heart even collecting everything i can find here in lebanon for Dalida She will be always livin,singing, and dancing in my soul

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