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Jozsef -Hungary

 Hello there, I am a simple music lover. I know Dalida appeared on a TV show called "Chansons à la Carte" in 1974, performed "Gigi L'amoroso" aired on channel RTB. As her performance was sold and repeated on "Toppop" in August and September in The Netherlands, so it exists. Do you have any informations about the exact broadcast date and hour, when was "Chansons à la Carte" aired? Do you know about the programme itself, ie. other guests, performed songs, duration, and so on. Or have you got any pictures or newscut? thanks for your help in advance
 Dalida appeared on many “Chansons à la Carte”. With Gigi l’Amoroso it was on 5th May 1974 in Belgium and the same year she came back on 3rd October to perform “Anima Mia” and “Mais il y a l’Accordéon”. We do not have any more information about these two programmes.Kind regards.

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