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 Hello Orlando, I am very excited to contact you. I have 3 questions, first two regarding posthoumously released songs and last about family. 1) I would like to know is song "A deux nous deux" recorded in 1969, "Je t'aime ça veut dire aime-moi" in 1972 and "La mamma in 1965"? Also, when is "C'est facile avec toi" recorded? If there is any interesting info about these songs like why didn't Dalida release them please tell me. 2) what is story of "Un soir qu'on oublie pas"? Why was it recorded in New York in 1979 and remained unreleased? 3) About family, the webpage Universal Music of France notes that Elonora Duze was Dalida's great-aunt. Is that some mistake or there is actually a true story behind it? Cordially
 "A deux nous deux” is a track that Dalida recorded and decided not to release, but from memory I cannot tell you more about “Je t’aime ça veut dire aime-moi”. On the other hand, “Un jour qu’on n’oublie pas” was composed for Dalida upon her return from New York following her triumph at Carnegie Hall in December 1978. The writers wanted to re-create the emotion felt during her concert and immortalise the event in song. Of course Dalida loved it immediately and recorded it. But sometimes in life things do not turn out as planned and this track was never released at the time. I recall that she did it in one take in the studio and then left. When I listened to it again several years later, I thought it was a shame not to share it with all of you. 3) Exactly, Eleanor Duse was part of the family. Kind regards

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