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Marguerite Monnot / Georges Moustaki / Bunny Lewis

Come on get wise Milord
Her lips tell lies Milord
The girl that you’ve adored
Has found some other guy

She just got bored Milord
Now you’re ignored Milord
Deep down inside your pride
Won’t let you say goodbye

That southern belle Milord
Has got a heart of ice
Love can be hell Milord
As well as paradise

You met her at a ball
Her lips were ruby red
Her lazy Southern drawl
Soon turned your noble head

You swore you'd never part
Though you lived far away
How could you know her heart
Like other hearts would stray (x2)

Come on get mad Milord
Life’s not so bad Milord
The charms of other ones
Can make your heart forget

Don’t count the cost Milord
Let her get lost Milord
One memory can be
A lifetime of regret

So let her go Milord,
Come on relax be smart
‘Cause if you don’t you know
She’ll only break your heart…

The story is the same
Whenever young love grows
And no-one is to blame
It’s just the way it goes

You’re not the first who’s found
That love can be unkind
And still the world goes round
But one heart’s left behind (x2)

Come on get hip Milord
And let life rip Milord
Be sure there’s plenty more
Of loving to be done

There’s chicks to meet Milord
With lips as sweet Milord
And hearts to make and break
Before the race is run

So hit the town Milord
Come on and be my guest
We’ll turn it upside down
And Devil take the rest


(F Llenas/A M Araujo de Moraes/L Bonfa)

Our lips need no reason to touch
This much we are both certain of
So darling why start to question your heart
It needs no reason to love

A heart needs no reason to love
A star doesn’t say may I shine
The wise man tries in vain so how can we explain
Love’s secrets still remain nature’s design

A heart needs no reason to love

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