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P. Baroud / D. Gerard

I was a fool, just a fool for believing
Although my heart is grieving
I’m sorry for you.

Now that he’s your love
Don’t be too sure love
Whatever you do
You, young as a daydream
Of love you may dream
But he can’t be true

True, he will admire you
And he’ll desire you
While love is new
But of love that’s inspired
He will soon grow tired
Then what will you do?

Take another look
He’s like an open book
Just read between the lines I beg of you
I know all his ways
Don’t hate him when he says
“There’ll never be another girl but you.”

Until the next one
And there’ll be a next one
As sure as you live
Then he’ll ‘phone for hours
And send you flowers
Hoping you’ll forgive

You, don’t be a fool girl
Don’t be a schoolgirl
You must let him go
If you don’t, you’re bound to rue it
I’ve been all through it
And I ought to know

Once that man was mine
And all the world was fine
Until for me the sun forgot to shine
Baby don’t you wait until it is too late
For he will break your heart
As he broke mine.

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