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Que reste t-il de nos amours

Charles Trenet / L.Chauliac

Que reste-t-il de nos amours ?
Que reste-t-il de ces beaux jours ?
Une photo, vieille photo
De ma jeunesse
Que reste-t-il des billets doux
Des mois d'avril, des rendez-vous ?
Un souvenir qui me poursuit, sans cesse
Bonheurs fanés, cheveux au vent
Baisers volés, rêves émouvants
Que reste-t-il de tout cela ?

Un petit village, un vieux clocher
Un paysage, si bien caché
Et dans un nuage, le cher visage
De mon passé

Goodbye, no use leading with our chins,
This is where this story ends,
Never lovers, ever friends.
Goodbye, let our hearts call it a day,
But before you walk away,
I sincerely want to say:
I wish you bluebirds in the spring,
To give your heart a song to sing;
And then a kiss, but more than this I wish you love.
And in July, a lemonade,
To cool you in some leafy glade;
I wish you health and more than wealth, I wish you love.
My breaking heart and I agree
That you and I could never be,
So with my best, my very best, I set you free.
I wish you shelter from the storm,
A cozy fire to keep you warm;
But most of all, when snowflakes fall,
I wish you love.

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