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David Vera (31 years) London

Am French living in Uk and Dalida was and still is for me a great artist with Je ne sais quoi who makes her so unique. I was so shocked the day she died but I respect her act and I wish she is having a better life out there along the anges... send you my Love and thank you orlando to keep her alive! David from London.

Tom Aldridge Bury - Village UK

Our song in 1961 was "Parlez moi d'amour". Twill ever remain thus e'en tho' my wife has joined Dalida in what must be heaven!!

Pascal Bernier (38 years) Brighton

Dalida represents Beauty, natural elegance and chic, professionalism, purity, sincerity and honesty of the heart, to sing and dance remarkably, a way of life and a philosophy. Listening to her songs gives me a lot of cheer, warmth and vibrancy. Some of her remixed songs are even played in the Brighton gay-friendly and trendy bars and pubs. She unites all people from every nation. She is universal that is why she touched so many souls. I have even learned German and a little Italian and Spanish by listening to her foreign recordings. Long Live Dalida.

Victor Ellul (38 years) London

My mother being Spanish bornn in Tangiers was a great fan of Dalida. I grew up listening to her records all of the time. I still listen to her beautiful voice and can't beleive my good fortune in discovering some great DVDs and videos of the great lady! My friends here in England are also crazy about her and always ask me to play the DVDs when they come over. My only regret is that I like so many others, never had the opportunity to see Dalida live on stage.

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