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Chris Keene (24 years)

I first heard Dalida during a French listening exercise. I was instantly taken by her beautiful voice. When I looked into her more I discovered what a huge influence she was and just how wonderful she truely was. I went to France that year and bought two albums and a DVD of her. To me she is one of the greatest performers of all time and will always be sadly missed.

David Vera (31 years) London

Am French living in Uk and Dalida was and still is for me a great artist with Je ne sais quoi who makes her so unique. I was so shocked the day she died but I respect her act and I wish she is having a better life out there along the anges... send you my Love and thank you orlando to keep her alive! David from London.

Denis Lownds (65 years)

I was only introduced to Dalida this year by a CD from a friend in the USA, what does she mean to me, the moment I played the CD I was captured by her voice, I don't know French, but it is not important, because Dalida like Edith Piaf sings from the heart, and you feel all the emotions of life, love, sorrows, wonderful Dalida, if only she were alive now, and then she would see how loved she is.

Eric Thekidz (39 years) London

Je suis né à Paris et j'ai grandi dans le 8e. J'habitai tout près de la station de radio Europe1. Un jour j'ai appris que Dalida venait faire un enregistrement. C'était le printemps, mon école était près de ma maison et le midi je rentrais déjeuner chez moi. Ce jour-là, je ne suis pas rentré manger mais je suis reste à attendre Dalida près de la station rue Francois 1er... Après 1h d'attente Dalida est sortie, il n'y avait curieusement pas de monde juste 2 photographes et moi attendant timidement ... Soudain son regard a croisé le mien, je tremblais de peur mais elle sait avance de moi et m'a demandé mon prénom. Je n'avais jamais vu une femme aussi belle, pour moi elle était une déesse. Je lui ai demandé si je pouvais avoir un autographe. Elle m'a répondu "bien sur, as-tu une feuille?" moi: non, juste mon cahier d'École alors voilà ... Elle me répond "mais, tu risques de te faire gronder par ta maîtresse! Moi; ce n'est pas grave ! Dalí:"tu sais il faut que tu sois sage et travail bien à l'école ensuite tu auras le temps de rêver, mais avant sois un bon élève s'est important. Elle m'a ensuite tenue la main puis embrasse sur la joue...et puis elle est montée dans une voiture... Je n'arrivais plus à contenir ma joie, j'étais heureux et son image depuis est restée dans ma mémoire à jamais... Je vous assure que depuis ce moment magique et après son décès j'ai toujours eu l'impression que son esprit résonnait dans le mien... J'espère qu'elle repose en paix et que son âme restera à jamais une lumière sur cette terre.

Herve Naudet (34 years)

Dalida is sunday morning and you still fills many peoples's heart with your songs! be bless, your star still shine with fervour and passion in our soul. beautiful bird with a golden voice. always in our memories.

Jones Andrew (38 years) London

came accross Dalida about 2 years ago after being introduced by a French friend and I fell in love immediately. Something about her life, her beauty, talent and her tragedy touched my soul and continues to do so to this day. Such a terrible shame but a wonderful legacy

Jules Converty (44 years) - Londres

Hello again, I'm French,originally from caribbean Island(Guadeloupe).I heard of her on radio when I was little,I think I was eight years old.I had search a passion for music particularly for French song which I love very much.In early 60's and 70's I never had a TV.As I was growing old , my friend introduce me to a magazine called Podium edited by Cloclo, i was so facinated by the magazine, the coulour, the pictures..everything.I bought it from late the 80's,untill now i'm still collecting them, thoses I never had in early edition. This is where i discover Dalida as a artist.she's been one of the greater artist of all time.I'm still buying her CD's and DVD as well.Nowadays there's no many artist around.....I'm a massive fan of her.She'll be living in our hearts for ever.We'll never forget you, you'll always be remmember.Que ton etoille continue de brille comme tu l'etais sur scene.

Mac Castro (28 years)

I suppose being a Petula Clark fan, I'd heard the name Dalida a few times; especially as she's expressed such an admiration for her. So, I decided to find out who this woman was. It was earlier this year...in Paris that I came across the cd 'The Queen' and the DVD 'Passionnement'. I decided to buy them...give it a go. I'm not quite sure what happened the moment I heard her voice. One of the most incredible voices I have ever heard. I was hooked and now I have the great adventure at finding different songs, learning about her life. It hasn't been the easiest couple of months, but her music has kinda been there and I'm so incredibly glad that we 'met'. Rather late.


Me and my brother live in the uk and are big Dalida fans. She is truly unique. Too bad we will never be able to see her perform live. Our favourite song is Gigi Paradiso.

Mohannad Azzuz (19 years) U.K / Royaume unis

My mother used to listen to Dalida a lot, I used to listen with her with my mother, when Dalida died it was a great shock to me, she was like a member of my family, now after all these years I still listen to her and remember her and me when I was young listening to her, this is the law of the life, you can't keep someone you love forever. Thank you orlando for keeping her memory alive.

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