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Craig Corey ( 59 years) Michigam

J'étais au courrant de Dali mais je ne savais pas sa musique, sa voix est  inconnu aux EU. J'ai vu pour la première fois cet été la a New York un clin d'œil du nouveau film Dalida, et j'étais transformé. Elle interprétait "je suis malade" avant de se suicider, et ca me touche profondément. Sa magnifique carrière, sa vie Tragédienne. Vive Dalida!

Craig Corey - Détroit

J'étais au courant de Dalida mais je ne savais pas sa voix ni sa musique car j'ai grandi aux EU. Mes cousins a Beyrouth l'adoraient, et ils parlent d'elles toujours de nos jours. A New York cet ete, quand jai vu le film Dalida, un spectacle particulière de l'Alliance Française, j'étais transformé par la carrière magnifique et de la vie tragique de cette phénomène. Vive Dalida!

Mireille Coradin (64 ans) Miami/USA

J'ai toujours aime Dalida depuis que j'etais adolescente.Je l'aime jusqu'a present et beaucoup plus parceque Dalida est une femme de coeur et j'adore sa passion.I wish she was still around.

Raafat Sarkis (50 years) San Francisco - California

Dalida was part on youth when I waas growing up in Cairo. Saturday night listening to her voice on the radio made me realiza that her voice will always be with me, she always brings out my inner emotions, listening to her is like going home, a place Ihave not been there for over 35 years.The love and saddness and her Middle Eastern emotions are always gathered in her voice which for me makes my journey in this life a more happy, emotional and times sad... Thank you Dalida for the years and for what you have brought into my life, I am forever grateful and Imiss you...maybe someday well meet and I'll tell you in person how much youhave meant to me........youre always in my heart.

Sehzad Sooklall (20 years) Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Hello, Congratulations For This wonderdul website depicting the life and achievements of the Eternal Legend. I am a Student at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. I discovered Dalida since I was very young, when I heard my parents listening to her. Indeed my mum and Dad live in the Beautiful City of Paris. I think Mr. Orlando, the Brother of Dalida is just doing a great job by promoting her sister's work, thus giving us the impression that Dalida is still here. I love all her songs from Bambino to less known ones, as Bravo or Fini, La Comedie. I have an extensive collection of her CD's. This morning I woke up and I don't why I remembered the song: "Pour Ne Pas Vivre Seule", as if Dalida whispered it to me in my dreams. I sang that all day. That's why I came to look for her on the web. And I found this great presentation, really this a wonderful site. Please Keep on with the good Job. Wishing you the Best of Luck. Thank you for keeping Dalida Eternal for the next generation. As for me, she will always be present throughout my life. Most Sincerely, Sehzad

John Lynch (51 years)

Back in the 1960s, there was an English television show starring Patrick McGoohan called "Secret Agent", the theme song was Johnny Rivers singing "Secret Agent Man." On one episode, there was a song I had never heard before, sung by a woman, in a language other than English, and it haunted me. I did not know the name of the song, but sometime later, I had a Trini Lopez record, and he sang it in Spanish (I might mention, by the way, that Dalida did a French remake of Trini Lopez’s version of the Pete Seeger “If I Had a Hammer”, and did some of his hoots on it). The Spanish version gave me a possible name, “Historia de un Amor”,but I still felt haunted. Years later, I saw an Edith Piaf song with a name like the name of the song, and bought it, but it wasn’t the same song. One night, I was watching the Tonight Show or Letterman and they had an actress named Victoria Abril, who was promoting a movie called “French Twist”, this movie is “Gazon Maudit.” I went to see the movie and it is perhaps then that I heard Dalida for the first time. About a year or so later, a Virgin Megastore opened somewhat near me, and I went there. I bought the Dalida Annees Barclay box set. I knew nothing of Dalida other than that she had sung that song that haunted me so, whether she sang it the first time I heard it or not. She was to haunt me more. About a year later, in May of 1998, I went to Paris for the first time and what I hope will not be the last. Somehow I had found out about the Place Dalida. I will never forget going to the cemetery in Montmartre, and visiting the graves of Stendhal, Francois Truffaut, and Dalida. I took some pictures there. Later I went to the Place Dalida and took some pictures of the bust and helped some tourists get their own pictures there. And I remember saying to an older couple in my very poor French, “Pourquoi?” He could not explain it to me. There was also a very synchronicitous moment, as I walked away from Place Dalida, some painters were painting a house nearby, and Edith Piaf singing “La vie en rose” came on the radio. I stopped by their window to hear it. A little after I got home, I became interested in the Internet and soon sent my Dalida grave pictures, along with some Gainsbourg Montparnasse Cemetery pictures, to a site called www.findagrave.com . Since that time, I occasionally get e-mails from their admirers around the world, thanking me for taking the pictures. Some time later, I bought the video of “Mina Tannenbaum” in a French-Canadian version, because our American videoplayers do not play European videos very well [or maybe not at all], and I was very touched to both see Gainsbourg and Dalida for the first time on the t.v. in the movie, which I would also recommend to anyone who likes Truffaut or Woody Allen. I used to volunteer at a very large old theatre that shows foreign and independent films. One time we had a film called something like “A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries” with Kris Kristofferson. Leelee Sobieski, Barbara Hershey, Jane Birkin, and Virginie Ledoyen. I am not sure now, but I think Dalida may have very briefly been on a t.v. set in that movie, too. Sometimes when I am touched, it is difficult to put it into words. When I was at Dalida’s grave, there were two very young people from Switzerland who were passing and stopped. Dalida’s grave is a very impressive and remarkable grave. They asked who she was. My French was very poor, but I said that she was a singer and an actress and that the easiest way to say it might be to say she was the French Marilyn Monroe.

Luis Gonsalvez (38 years)

Dalida allways will be remember, she is the ultimate not diva she is a goddess of all times and as so many of famous and educated people said she is the last pharaoh. How can any living diva be compere to this beatifull muse ? If anyone remember so many of this sofisticated famous people called her the 8th. wonder of the world. I love many american divas and french divas: Cher, Barbara S, Annie L, Patricia K, Mylen F, Mireille M, But they are divas, Dalida is the goddees of all. She was everything you look in a beatifull person she was so human that princess DIANA love here and admire her so much. God bless you Dalida for ever!!!


I am so glad to have found this site!!! Ifirst heard Dalida when I was looking for songs in Albanian, then Dalida's "Salma Ya Salama" came up! It is truly wonderful! I was so amazed to find good quality music. Not this gaudy monstrosity the world calls "POP" but true audio beauty! Visual poetry as well! It is a true shame that such beauty, grace, talent, energy, and vibrant a life are no longer with us! I wish only that she could get the recognition she deserves! I will Lambeth walk from here to eternity! Merci mon cheri Dalida! Gracias bella senorita Dalida! Grazzie Dalida! Shkran Dalida! Tuda Dalida! Shi-Shi Dalida!!!!!

Bill Budris (44 years) Cranford NJ - USA

Dalida was a very special lady. I knew of her first as a performer who covered Petula Clark's pre-Downtown English singles in French, which in turn, forced Petula to start a French career. While visiting French Canadian friends in the late 70's, who were fans of Petula Clark, also were fans of Dalida. They played for me her new album at the time, "Ca Ma Fait Rever", and I was instantly hooked. I didn't care anymore that she covered early Petula songs, but was a entertaining force in her own right. Each visit to Canada, and to New York's Librarie de France in Rockefeller Center, lead me to collect some of Dalida's recordings (a jacket or 2 autographed) and eventually sway some friends in her direction. Even one friend at that time and I attended her one and only Carnegie Hall concert and had a blast! We even waited to see her, and literally got to the door where she was signing some autographs, and you could see her inside. However, her management had to get her out another way, so the door was closed, but her enterage started throwing out postcard photos of Dalida's Femme Et La Nuit album cover photo, and I couldn't grab any, but luckily my friend picked up six & shared half with me. I still have them somewhere. She has always stayed with me since, and when I learned of her passing, I was saddened. I still miss her, always waiting for when she would come back to America to perform. I was hoping she would have done Las Vegas. One thing I found out today that I never knew when I found this site. Yolanda (Dalida) and I share the same birthday and the same religious upbringing. I've recently been able to obtain the Orlando complete 10 CD reissue, and now am working on the Barclay one. I've recently purchased the remastered version of the Barclay hits. I had the previous issue and there is quite a quality difference. Therefore, once I have both box sets, I will have all her treasured songs. I am glad I found this site and we can keep her legacy alive.

Charles Rice New York City - U.S.A

I only discovered Dalida in 1995, it was on the island of Mykonos where a DJ played selections from Comme si j"etais la. My lover & I were smitten by the voice. We brought a copy home to our favorite french restaurant Chez Jaqueline here in Greenwich Village on that evening the Gypsy Kings were dinning & when the owner Jaqueline played GiGi Ammorosso well, everyone in that room began to sing & dance! If so many people could be energized by this woman I felt she had to be extraordinary! My partner & I own our own Legendary gay night club for 20 years here in Greenwich Village its called The MONSTER at 80 Grove Street. NYC. I have encouraged a few of our female impersonaters to lipsynch a few of Dalidas numbers. This web site is a true delight after all these years I can now read about Dalida in english......merci! and please Come see us in NYC!

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