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Joe Last Mikhael (20 years) California - U.S.A

It all started at the age of 18 years old. Lebanon, winter 1999 in the class of "Seconde". Our French teacher proposes to us that we have to choose an ideal lady to talk about of the current century. Me, who knew nothing about Dalida; Have only heard one of her songs "Salma ya salma". As my curiosity pushed me, I decided to choose her to become my lady in this project that has to be presented. Stunned by much information that I was able to collect of this Diva, I felt that through her songs I will be able to bring to my fellow class mates this Legend. The first song that entered my ears for Dalida, was "GiGi L'amorosso". Here comes the day of the presentation. I see myself standing in front of 30 students in my class, lecturing to them everything that has to do with this star from A to Z bringing her back alive through some of her songs that I played in class. Finally I discover that the French teacher that I had was and still a Big fan of Dalida. Here we are in the year of 2002 my passion for this Lady grows more each day. Dalida is the only one to bring the smile back on my lips when I am unhappy. A wish that I hope it might become true one day, is to be in France in front of the grave of the Legend and display one white rose on her tomb, representing the purity and respect of my love that I have towards her. I would like to thank Mr. B. De Besse who was kind enough to let me discover Dalida more and know the real her through her songs and clips; of course the staff of dalida.com to whom I have all the grateful thanks.

Terry Theodossiou Foster City - Californie, E.U.

I heard Bambino when I was 11 years old and was hooked. I'm writing this in English, because more and more people in the USA listen to Dali's songs and love them. Most of them, myself included, can't get used to the idea that she's no longer with us. I have every song she recorded except for one. Dali was unique. She still is. I'll always love her. Her songs always make me feel better when I'm sad and I thank God for having created her her. However he took her back too soon! I know, a lot of people around the world love and admire Dali, but I don't think anybody loves and admires her more than I do.

Michael (27 years) San Francisco - USA

Dalida was, is and will be singing in my soul forever. She is a sparkling diamond, beautiful, talented, with a great heart and soul, but like the stars above, she was shining alone in the dark... I wish I were able to save her on that terrible day when she decided to leave us. But I was too little, I didn't know anything about her in 1987. I hope someday someone in Hollywood will make a movie about her life, because she deserves it so much. That would be the greatest tribute to her ever. Thank you, Dali, you've brushed my heart with angel's wings. America loves you.

Julio Cesar Juarez (59 years)

Dalida has been one of the most cautivating singers I have heard in my whole life, beautiful voice, great personality, beaty, great style, and very well chosen songs. She had only one hit in Mexico, Paroles, Paroles, but after that, I tryied to get more and more of her recordings, I have been so fortunate, since I got six vinyl LPs and now we can get her music in CDs.

Fernando Quintanilla (30 yrs old) Miami

She's very special to me, She was introduced to me by a friend who used to live in France. I think that's the best thing he could ever have given me. J'adore Dalida as a French guy would say. I have bought many CD's of hers. She made me start to learn French so that I could understand her songs. I wish I could have met her.

Igor Deyneko (20 years) Boston

I discovered Dalida in 2000 when i saw a Russian drag-queen show and one of the female impersonators did a cover of my personal favorite "Je Suis Malade". I was mesmorized by the notorious pink robe and the short black outfit. That image haunted me for a long time. Little by little i started gaining more knowedge on that true Diva. With time I realized that almost every song she has sung was about tragic love and solitude, something that us so understandable and close to me. When I hear her songs like "Pour Ne Pas Vivre Seul" and "Lucas" and I just feel that she is not singing about her life, she is telling the eternal truth about life in general. For me she is The Only Star. I understand why she left us so early she was too lonely to stay alive, she will always stay young and vivacious in our memories. That's what made her a legend, her tragic life filled with love for others. Recently when I visited her grave at Cimetiere du Montmartre, and saw her divine tomb a strange premonition came over me, no she has not left us her soul is still there living in her favorite Montmartre. An italian couple in their fifties saw me with a bouqet of white roses and though I was Italian and were very surprized to find out that Russians loved and adored that phenominal Diva. Dalida, siempre viva!!!!

Al Gonzalez (48 years) Brooklyn, NY

I discovered Dalida when I was a teen in the 70's. I feel in love with her voice, songs and her personality. Today after many years of being gone I still listening to her music as a tribute to such an unique voice and talent.

Lena Borisova (40 years) Smolensk, Russia/ Waco, TX, U.S.A.

Dalida and me... My story has two chapters. In a sense, I have known Dalida since the 70s, since my early youth. But it is also true that I have just rediscovered her. I remember in the 70s and 80s they often showed her on tv in Russia (at that time the former Soviet Union), and I as a girl, not knowing a word in French, liked watching how beautifully she sang and danced. Then I remember how unthinkable May 1987 was... Afterwards, life led me away from French chanson. And here I am, living in the U.S., already 40. Last summer I was taking a class "French for Reading Knowledge," and decided to try my new skills and see whether I could understand the songs I had liked as a teen. When I heard Dali, it was both recognition and revelation. Only now, having learned to understand French and having acquired 40 years of life experience was I able to truly understand and appreciate all the depth and immensity, power and subtlety of her talent both of a singer and of a dramatic actress. I have been mesmerized with her ability to communicate with her voice superfine vibrations of emotion, and draw one into her aura, with her iconographic beauty and impeccable taste that every woman would want to imitate, but none ever will. Because of her artistic intuition she managed to do something that no one ever could. When non-Russians sing Russian songs or make movies about Russian, as a rule, it sounds fake: it comes out either as superficial, or overloaded with ethnic flavor, or even as a mockery, but never right. With Dali it is different. In her songs related to Russia ("Les temps des fleurs," "L'amour qui venait du froid," "Le temps d'aimer," and "Spiel Balalaïka") she was the only one, who, not being Russian herself, was able to grasp and express that elusive Russianness that is called "the Russian soul"... How do I know? When I listen to these songs, they make me homesick... After so many years, Dali has reentered my life, filled it up, transformed and enriched it in so many very tangible ways. Because of her, Dostoyevsky's maxim, "Beauty will save the world," has become full of meaning. Beauty has a force that is not subject to death, and it is not a lifeless cliché or wishful thinking. I know, know inside, that beauty will save the world, because every day it saves a small part of this world – me. Every day Dali saves me with her songs: saves from loneliness and despair, from dreariness and futility, from cold and unbelief ... She has helped me to reconnect with something really real in the world and in myself that I thought I had lost. And I am forever thankful to her. Dear Dali, thank you, thank you...

Hasmig Aznavour (50 years) - Santa Clarita, CA

First let me thank you for the fabulous site you have created for such an ICON and DIVA!! I grew up listening to Dalida's songs (amongst others), hers truly stands out. RIP Dalida, you are truly missed.

Claudio Ghattas (45 years) - Jupiter/FLorida

I first heard Dalida when I was 12 years old.I have been hooked ever since.I would have loved to meet her.I can listen to her music forever and never get tired of it.In 2006 I visited her gravesite at Cimetiere du Montmartre.It was with great sadness since I realizied I would never get to see her sing.The gravesite is beautiful and hauting at the same time.The statue of Dalida with all the flowers around it was very moving.Thank you for the wonderful website.

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