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Elias David (30 years) - San Francisco, CA

I stumbled upon Dalida while listening to RadioIO's Disco channel. The song was "Americana." I was cleaning my apartment when it came on, and I ran over to my computer to jot down just who it was that sang such an amazing song. Ever since, I've been hooked! What a wonderful performer! Too bad I didn't hear of her until now.

Christine Zinno (22 years) - New York City

I am a recent admirer. I was introduced to Dalida from watching video clips of her performing with Petula Clark, who is a favorite of mine. I was almost immediately drawn to Dalida, and since then have been trying to learn as much about her as I can. What a fascinating woman; so talented and extraordinarily beautiful. (And she is of Italian ancestry, like me!) The last time I was in Paris, I visited her grave in Montmartre. It's truly beautiful, and fitting for someone like Dalida. I was touched to see so many floral tributes for her. I have spoken to many people all over Europe about Dalida, and when her name is mentioned their faces light up! She may be gone, but her memory will truly live forever. I wish I could have seen her perform live. God Bless, Dalida.

Sales Noel (26 years) - Los Angeles

love Dalida! Dalida forever! European Music Forever! Dalida the Queen We love you we will never forget.Dalida is beauty,style,glamour,class,grace,taste,and a real star.Hollywood does not deserve you.You were and are still too good for them.Dalida is the real artisit !

Tommaso Aiello (18 years) New Jersey

I have been a fan of Dalida since I was 12 years old. She has brought such happiness into my life since then. Her music is beautiful and her voice is that of an angel. She is and will forever remain my favorite singer. I have ALL her music, duos, her autographe, books, her postage stamp, posters, a concert ticket from 1980 at palais de congress in France, clippings in french, hommages, remixes, instrumentales, any MANY other things. I have painted 2 portraits of her and copies of them are in the CASA DI DALIDA MUSEO in Serrastretta, Cantanzaro, ITALIA. I am an Italian american. I live my life each day as an Italian. I speak Italian, French, and English. She is a very special person in my life and I am very thankful to God that he put her in my life for a reason. I believe she is one of my guardian angels. If anyone would like to talk to me about Dali, please do not hesitate to contact me! I know everything there is to know about our beloved DALIDA! Viva Yolanda Cristina!!

Solomon (48 years) Boynton Beach, Florida

My friend Didier from Paris introduce me to the talents of Dalida years ago. I have such a special place in my heart for Dalida. He beautiful voice and wonderful sense of humor is what I miss the most about the lovely Dalida. I have heard so much about her brother too who managed her. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site.

Isabelle Ritter (48 years) West Palm Beach

I grow up with her voice and her image. She was like a member of my family. As a teenager, I was very attracted by the way she projected her emotions and I often was shy to just looking at her on TV. She passed away just before I left France for America. The only time I was close to her was when the traffic was crowded by her funeral--I was stuck in my car, saw her passing by and cried my heart out. Today as a women, I understand her much better. She's to me an extraordinary human being. To me she is alive. I'm passioned by her because she gives all her being and her soul while performing and I believe that she is also this way in her private life. She seems to me very intelligent, organized, talented, honest--not shy to show or say the truth. She looks pure, fresh always perfectly dressed with lots of taste. She's really projects the perfect women on earth. I often think about her while facing difficulties in my life. That is real; she is a great friend to me, loving and supportive. I wish I could participate at some events of yours in the club. I'm going to be strong, make lots of money and come over. Love you all and thank you for your great work. Isabelle from America.

Michael Barimo (24 years) New York

Every day of my life, I find inspiration in the voice and persona of Dalida. Elle est mon reve defendu.

Denisa Aletean (57 years) California

dalida a fost si ramine una din cintaretele de prestigiu vocea ei will never die A trait fiecare melodie cintata i live im usa for 30 years dar niciodata nu iam uitat vocea si cintecele cintate cu atita pasiune.nu pot nici acum crede ca sa sinucis e greu de crezut ca nu mai este in viata sa stins o stea stralucitoare

Marie Lafleur (16 years) Florida

I always listen to Dalida and i am inspired in this amazing artist. Her songs live in me !?! I Love Dalida

Steve (44 years) North Carolina

People gather outside her house in Montmartre and dream of what it's like inside...But I'll bet Dalida wanted out more than anyone ever wanted in. A walk to the bakery, window shopping, anything; all that we (the anonymous masses) take for granted. Though I've never been one for celebrity, Dalida touches me in a very deep and profound way...She will forevermore be in my heart (as she is with so many others) as I navigate my anonymous life.

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