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Gabriel Natal (16 ans)

i've never seen her... she died before my birth... but her songs are eternal, she was such a kind, good, amazing person. she singed with her heart. it touches the souls of all egyptians, and afterall, she was egyptian too. thank you dalida, for bringing your music to my life.

Hussam Raafat (25 ans) Cairo

Ana we Dalida? Dee kisset 7ob taweela, raghm inny mashuftahash gheir 3la el TV. Faker nafsy, tifl sughayyar, fi awaeil el tamaninat, fi 3rabeyet mama, bensema3 Dalida, aw 3la TV wil muzi3a bet2adim akher iste3rad laha wissil lil television el Masry... Kulina fakhoureen biha..bint Masr, elly kharagit min 7ay Kahiry motawadi3 3shan ye7ebaha we ye2darha el 3alam kullu, we 3shan teb2a maliket 2albu: Paris. M3a el wa2t, la2eit fi aghany Dalida aktar min gamalha we sot-ha el dafy wa bari2ha 3la el masra7...ghanit besid2 we 7awlet tes3ed el 3alam raghm 7oznaha we we7ditha. Dalida heya rafi2ty, we zekrayati kullaha, el 7elwa wel morra, marbouta be 2ghneya aw aktar min aghaneeha. Zeyarty li Paris min gheir el Montmartre, makansh hayeb2alha ay ma3na, min gheir ma 2shoof beitha, meidanha we madfanha...Sa3b awsif masha3ry li Dalida fe kam kilma, laken el akeed innaha fi khayali fi ay la7zit sid2 ma3a nafsy. Merci, Dali...

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