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Boudi Mohtadi (23 ans)

It all started when I was abroad to continue my education. My roommate had "Helwa Ya Baladi" as an mp3 file on his pc I used to listen to this song when I feel that i wanna go back to my place, my parents, my love. Well I couldn't stay abroad I left everything and came back. Here i started researching about Dali I found that I was born on the same day she was born that made me love her more I used to listen to songs of the Les annees Barclay with her great voice and listen to her 70s and 80s songs without knowing that the two different voices are for the same lady. Then i was like stunned because how could a lady who sings Itsi bitsi sings Je suis malade it was really fantastic I even adore the solitude in her eyes She was and still the best ever now i know almost all of her songs by heart even collecting everything i can find here in lebanon for Dalida She will be always livin,singing, and dancing in my soul

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